What Drives Us

Welcome to our first report on our integrated reporting journey. This report explains how Farmlands Co-operative creates value over time to achieve our purpose; Grow Shareholder Success.

This section sets out our business model and how we are creating and contributing to a better New Zealand. It includes an overview of the food and fibre value chain and our mission within the value chain: to be first for New Zealand’s food and fibre inputs.

Our Strategy
This year we have refreshed our strategy. Farmlands has revisited its purpose, mission, goals and strategies so that we can continue to evolve and do the job shareholders require of us and in turn deliver the benefits and value necessary to growing their success, regardless of location of operation.

For Farmlands Co-operative to maintain its standing as a trusted partner of rural New Zealand, we need strong, powerful foundations. Our purpose – and our mission – exist to provide our shareholders with visible value from their business.

Purpose - Our why

Grow Shareholder Success

Harness our co-operative spirit to be first for New Zealand food and fibre inputs

Our goals - Our aims

Best Customer 



personalised, relevant,

inuitive, fast, convenient,

for lower cost to serve

Be the Trusted




experts, engaged


Actionable insights that

enable shareholders to

navigate uncertainty

Safe engaged people

Strategies - How we achieve our goals

Strengthening and growing our core

- In our operating-model, processes, relationships and capability

  • Accelerate digital for an unbeatable customer experience

  • Optimise our supply chain

  • Strengthening processes

  • Deepen relationships

  • Be sustainable

  • Be adaptive performance-led

Measure - How we make progress

People & Safety

Business and personal KPI's and eNPS


Faster, more accurate, less friction


Engagement, customer experience, lifetime value



balance sheet

Values - Our behaviours

Financial Highlights Snapshot

Grow Shareholder Success