Grow Shareholder Success

Harness our co-operative spirit to be first for New Zealand food and fibre inputs.

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How we Create Value

We seek to operate a sustainable business with regard to the interests of all our major stakeholders in terms of profitability, people and planet.

Our inputs are the resources (or ‘capitals’) that we use in the process of creating value for our shareholders. These are deployed in or affect our business activities.

Outputs – ultimately the outcomes of how we create value – are what emerge from the interactions between us and our major stakeholders as part of our day-to-day business, including impact on the communities we operate in.

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Outputs and Outcomes

We get best value for our shareholders in the form of relevant solutions, best pricing, and rebates and rewards that
improve on-the-ground performance.

We support local communities and are proud to be an integral stakeholder in regional New Zealand.

We provide both shareholders and vendors with consolidated invoicing, collection services and credit terms for their products and services.

We provide the inputs and solutions to Grow Shareholder Success.

We provide a great place to work, that is safe and inclusive and affords our people opportunities to develop.

We support NZ farmers and growers to create a sustainable agricultural future in which everyone will prosper.

  • Over 7,000 suppliers

  • 5,000+ Card Partners providing rebates 
    and discounts at 7,000+ locations

  • Over 72,000 shareholders

  • 82 stores in towns and cities around New Zealand

  • 42 fuel tankers, 11 fuel stop sites

  • $130.7m Equity and Members' Interests

  • Over 940,000 shareholder statements sent

  • Over 87,000 farm visits by Technical Field Officers

  • Over 42,000 product lines covering 37 categories

  • Continue to support the development of FarmIQ app

  • 161 Technical Field Officers, Technical Advisors and
    Agronomists providing on-farm advice and support

  • Over 900 staff completed over 2,700 learning and
    development modules during the year

  • Partnerships with research institutes and processors
    to develop solutions for sustainable farming

  • Toitū Envirocare Carbonreduce certification received

  • Contribution to New Zealand’s $25b farm gate value production




We source and make essential farm inputs and services through our partnerships with our suppliers, our Card Partners and manufacturers.



We distribute products through our nationwide store and distribution network.


Financial Capital

We use our Balance Sheet and buying power to consolidate procurement of

products and services.



and Expertise

We have dedicated and independent
experts, supported by the best technology

and tools to provide advice and solutions to

support shareholders navigate the
changing agricultural landscape.



We have a passionate and engaged team

of Farmlanders to support our mission to be first for NZ food and fibre inputs.



We continually seek to minimise impact on our environment, including air, water,  land and other natural resources that we and our stakeholders use every day.

What Drives Us

Farmlands' Sustainability Journey